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February 2014 -

Making Tubes in Blender

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Here is how to make Tubes in blender or in other words, extruding, beveling or creating compound objects. The idea is to create a path and turn it into a tube of geometry. It's better than trying to achieve it through box modelling especially if you plan on making things like wires, floppy arms, cartoon hair or anything that needs a to be a long, curved tube. 1. Add a Curve Open Blender and delete the default cube. Make sure "Object Mode" is selected. We'll need it that way to create our curve. Bring the Blender Cursor to the origin by pressing "Ctrl + C". We do this so that newly added o…

Modeling a Star Wars Kylo in 3DS Max

[embed width="100%"][/embed] This video explains the basic workflow of Modeling a Star Wars Kylo Lightsaber in 3DS Max. The concepts can really be applied to any tubular sci-fi weapon or gun. Here are the short-form points from the video:   Avoiding pinching when applying turbosmooth over chamfered geometry using the layer manager to separate parts while working radial duplication using instanced geometry

Exporting from 3DS Max to Mudbox

[embed width="100%"][/embed] This video shows you how to export your 3d model from 3DS Max to Mudbox. I've found that there are a number of errors that can happen from wonky geometry to not even being able to preview your model in Mudbox. With a few simple steps, you can minimize chances of error on export from 3DS Max. Exporting to Mudbox from 3DS Max - Cheat Sheet: Test using turbosmooth and fix topology Set all material ids to 1 EnsureUV map is in 0 to 1 space Apply the standard material Reset Xform Select all, break/weld verts Set…