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September 2014 -

Smooth Mouse Rotation in Three.js

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[iframe class="scene-frame" src="" width="100%" height="480"] This example demonstrates Smooth axis rotation via mouse in three.js. Click and drag around in the above. It is based off of this post and this example on the three.js website. Achieving a momentum effect during mouse drag has always been a nice feature that I've see many times in different examples of 3D for the web. After experimenting with three.js and seeing it's potential I thought this is a must have feature. The problem I found though is that from the exam…

Rotate View With the Mouse in Three.js

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[iframe class="scene-frame" src="" width="100%" height="480"] This example uses "OrbitControls" in three.js to rotate the camera around an object. It's based off of the example: on the three.js website. We've just added a textured cube that's been imported from Blender. You can take a look at importing a model from Blender then adding a texture here. Note that adding this ability is quite simple because three.js comes with a library that takes care of all the ground work. Here is…

Disabling jQuery Stellar At Smaller Window Size

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This example shows you how to de-activate and re-activate the jQuery Stellar (parallax plugin) according to your browser's window size. I found it difficult to prevent images repeating themselves when using a combination of jQuery Stellar, a responsive design and a full width image that uses a css background set to cover. Image proportions also become a problem as when the window shrinks, so does the height of your image and the image repetition starts as you begin scrolling. "horizontalScrolling" didn't eliminate the problem (though you should keep it on), "responsive: true" didn't work an…

Full width, Responsive Search Box using CSS Tricks

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Search boxes are a common need, but creating them can be trickier than expected. The below is a full width responsive search box using a few CSS tricks. (more…)

Best Easy Settings For W3 Total Cache

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Here are some optimal settings for most WordPress websites using the W3 Total Cache plugin. The amount of settings available can be daunting, but it really shouldn't take that long to set up in most cases since we'll only need to focus on some of them. The below takes about 5 minutes. Note: this is a slightly modified, updated version of this post by inmotion hosting: Optimizing WordPress with W3 Total Cache plugin 1. Install you've probably already done this, but install the W3 Total Cache plugin 2. Adjust General Settings Go to Performance > General Settings Turn on: Page…

Things I Wish I Learned When Starting Web Development

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Here are some hopefully useful notes on things I wish I got really good at early on, but in some cases - didn't find out about until later in my career.... Of=course this is just my opinion and there are a lot of different directions to take in the world of web development: Command Line I came form a graphics background so using a GUI was all I knew and wanted to know for a long time. I used to be afraid of that little black screen of death but when I started to use it more and learn the shortcuts I realized I was missing out on a whole world of tooling and server administration. This is use…

Important tips running a web business

Important Tips when Running a Web Development Business

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Here are some important points I've come up with while freelancing web development. The Accountant In You Comes First So you've decided to start your own business, suddenly you find yourself as one person wearing many different hats.? Every case is different, but if you're an entrepreneur it's almost unavoidable. I've found it's best to keep those "people" separate. In other words, don't let the artist dictate the financial guy, etc., and order them in hierarchy in your mind as to who listens to who. That way you can keep the boat steady, this is crucial. For example, as freelance web de…

6 steps to starting a web develper business

6 Steps to Starting a Web Development Business

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Here are 6 essential components for starting a web design or development business. This can be for those either thinking of entering the field, or a refresher if you're already in it. I struggled a lot when trying to find answers when I decided to get started freelance web development so hopefully this can help someone out there looking to get into the business. 1. Circumstances Allow It The right decision isn't necessarily about "you are a type A person, therefore...", or you are this or you are that. People may try to categorize you into something (you may notice that when starting up).…