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December 2015 -

Debugging Three.js

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If you're in the stages of creating a webGL game or app using three.js you may find it useful to visualize what your code is doing. That's where the need for a debugger/inspector comes into play. Here are a few ways to do it. Using a Custom UI to Debug Three.js You can use JQuery to a certain extent alongside three.js. to create things like ui elements. Having said that, you can't interact directly with three.js using jQuery unless you're using something like TQuery. In our case we just use jQuery interact with the ui elements because you may want to debug in a way that the stats object (nex…

How to Shorten Title Length in WordPress

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This can be used to shorten pretty much any text in WordPress. I recently had to use it to make sure recent comment titles didn't cause them to spill over to the next line so I'll use it as an example... (more…)

Unity3D vs. Three.js

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Why is this important knowledge? You may be looking into both options as whether you're planning to build online games, a plugin for your website, etc. Unity3D and three.js are certainly both great options that can accomplish similar things but definitely very different. I've fortunately been able to dip into both a bit. Hopefully you'll find this useful... Unity3D Unity is a 2D/3D full out game engine with a complete visual editor/level designer, networking/multiplayer support, physics system, particle system, post effects GUI and more. Unity's strengths are it's productive workflow (to be…

Becoming a WordPress Plugin Developer Q & A

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Want some advice on becoming a WordPress plugin developer? Here are a few things to consider from both a technical and business approach. These answers are provided by Slavi Marinov, dedicated WordPress plugin developer - whom I've had the pleasure to meet with recently and has kindly taken the time to answer some big questions I've had.   1. What would you say is the best strategy to eventually gain converted clients using plugin development? It's very important where you get your ideas for plugin or theme development. You can keep an eye on freelance sites as there are people who a…