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September 2016 -

How to Specialize – Web Development Niche

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Many of us end up working on such a diverse amount of programming languages/libraries¬†to be able to make a living and serve customers needs that we find ourselves lacking confidence in any particular niche. Specializing can truly be a daunting task. Even just asking the simple question... What is my specialty? - can be difficult. I know when I asked myself this question I could hardly identify it.¬†I found myself pondering for day about what it is that I actually do. I've read/heard some very interesting advice from Eli the Computer Guy, John Sonmez (Simple Programmer), and others and decid…


This and Bind in React

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When working with events in React, Especially within forms after version 0.13, you may run into some event handling code that needs to make use of "this" and "bind". If you're familiar with what bind does you can ignore the below. What is bind and Why do We Use it? Javascript has some differences from other common programming languages that makes it both powerful and strange at the same time. One of the most notable differences is how it treats functions like variables and how the context of 'this' can be different than what is expected at times. In this example, swimFunction doesn't know w…