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6 Steps to Starting a Web Development Business

| Web Developer Advice

Here are 6 essential components for starting a web design or development business.

This can be for those either thinking of entering the field, or a refresher if you’re already in it. I struggled a lot when trying to find answers when I decided to get started freelance web development so hopefully this can help someone out there looking to get into the business.

1. Circumstances Allow It

The right decision isn’t necessarily about “you are a type A person, therefore…”, or you are this or you are that. People may try to categorize you into something (you may notice that when starting up). Though your experience and personality are important in making the big decision, what matters more I found, is what makes sense (in a point of view that you can see clearly) under the given circumstances.

Nobody knows the needs of your family and the daily struggles you currently face like you do. Nobody knows what you’re capable of but you, so don’t let categorizing discourage you. If the circumstances call for it, you can make the necessary changes, you know what you can do, you know what’s best.

2. You Love It

Easy answer in most cases I suppose. You’re willing to go through all the risks and hard work on the horizon because you have the right desire. For the amount of work and frustration you’re about to go through, if you don’t love it, or don’t think you’re going to love it you will absolutely give up. Having said that, if you do love it enough then there is little that can stop you.

3. Opportunities Have Opened Up To Make It Possible

Maybe you lost your job and have some severance or saving to feed on for a while. Perhaps you’ve just graduated from a web design/development program and have no other obligations, or you live in a city with cheap rent and already have a solid social media following. For starting a business or for any other life decision I’ve found that if it’s so hard to do what you’re plans that you have to give up many good things to make it happen, it’s usually the wrong decision. Make sure you can still have a relatively balanced life while you’re doing this.

4. Does it Make Logical Sense

What makes logical sense to do right now can often overrule a great idea. For example… you have the skills, you have the passion and the talent but you have a full time job and a demanding family life. You just don’t have the time. No matter how amazing any idea is, it’s going to take work. A wise man at a business conference once told me “there is no magical key to success, no secret ingredient; only lots of hard work, building your clientele one by one and delivering your one hundred and ten percent every time.”

Make sure to mix a little logic in with the passion, the two need each other in order.

5. You Have a Grounding In the Field

Do you have skills to back up your services? This doesn’t mean that you have to be a pro in every aspect of web development right from the beginning. You can certainly focus on what you can do well to begin with and get more advanced over time.? What you would need though is just need to be an expert at a portion of the industry.

For example, you may be very good artist but not so much with code. That’s okay, there’s always tools and methods to allow you to focus more on one thing or another. Subcontracting is also an option. Not having any skills or understanding of web design and or development and planning to subcontract everything from the beginning I wouldn’t recommend.

6. there is a "Pull"

Things start to fall into place when there is a real pull - in other words, you are forced into taking action. As With any type of work, if you’re worried about putting food on the table the next day, you’d be willing do interpretive dance for you clients if they paid for it. Having a satisfying secure job and a solid income is hardly enough motivation for one starting a business. Where is the drive? Where is the purpose?

While working full time, I always wanted to start a business but when I tried, at the end of the day I felt like I was neglecting my family and didn’t have a good enough purpose to drive my actions. When I realized there was danger of layoffs, my focus became much more certain and meaningful. That’s just an example though, the point is that there should be a good purpose to what you’re doing.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot more to say on the subject but hopefully this is enough to help inspire you. They’re mostly abstract concepts that can really also apply to starting up any type of business. I’ll be writing more about what to consider while you’re running your web development business in the near future.

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