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Best Easy Settings For W3 Total Cache

| Wordpress

Here are some optimal settings for most WordPress websites using the W3 Total Cache plugin. The amount of settings available can be daunting, but it really shouldn’t take that long to set up in most cases since we’ll only need to focus on some of them. The below takes about 5 minutes.

Note: this is a slightly modified, updated version of this post by inmotion hosting:

Optimizing WordPress with W3 Total Cache plugin

1. Install

you’ve probably already done this, but install the W3 Total Cache plugin

2. Adjust General Settings

Go to Performance > General Settings

Turn on:

Page Cache


Minify: test your site with minify enabled. If you notice layout or javascript problems, turn it back off

w3 total cache options

Database Cache

w3 total cache options

Object Cache

w3 total cache options

Browser Cache

w3 total cache options

Leave the rest of the setting as they are and click the “Save all settings” button.

3. Adjust Page Cache

Go to Performance > Page Cache

Follow these settings

w3 total cache options

4. Test It Out

Lastly, go to any page of your site and view page source in your brower or press (ctrl + u). You should see this at the bottom of the source code

w3 total cache options

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