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This and Bind in React

| React

When working with events in React, Especially within forms after version 0.13, you may run into some event handling code that needs to make use of “this” and “bind”. If you’re familiar with what bind does you can ignore the below.

WordPress LAMP setup on Digital Ocean

| Digital Ocean

This is based on this article from Digital Ocean but modified to include, and addresses some .htaccess, directory structure issues as well as add support for FTP and phpMyAdmin. We also presume you have an existing domain registered somewhere that you want to point to your digital ocean server and you have an existing WordPress site you want to migrate.

Marlene Tersigni - St. Catharines Right to Life

| Testimonials

In my capacity as executive director for the St. Catharines Right to Life Association, I have the pleasure of working with volunteers who offer their time and a wide variety of talents to our charitable group. Ben Chung has truly been a gift to our organization since he became a volunteer in May 2005. Ben has generously used his exceptional artistic skills to assist us with various projects. In his capacity serving on one of our promotion committees, he has designed materials, such as our St. Catharines Right to Life brochure, to help us in our mission to promote respect for life through education. He has also created posters and other resources to assist us in advertising fundraising events. Ben has always offered his very best on our behalf, producing professional resources and giving expert design advice. Ben is friendly, reliable, highly-skilled and a delight to work with. I can confidently recommend Ben Chung to provide the best service possible in his field. Sincerely,

Rebecca King - Kings Massage Therapy

| Testimonials

Looking through quickly I lOVE it. Looks awesome. And so fancy and professional!! hahaha I’m so glad I had you do it instead of doing one of those free template sites. Amazing… BOO. YAH. Thanks, Ben! (Now everyone go like him at Ben Chung because he is AWESOME). is LIVE!! And BEAUTIFUL!

Ling Wang - Settlement Counsellor

| Testimonials

Ben is a talented and hard working individual. He is always seeing things from a practical point of view, finding ways to make things better and is committed to seeing his projects out to the end. It is always a satisfying experience working with Ben.

Lily Whitfield

| Testimonials

I appreciated Ben’s knowledge and patient attention to detail, both when I was expressing my desires, and when he followed through with prompt service on such short notice. He took time to explain and clarify when I needed it. Most of all I enjoy a site that exceeds my expectations. I’m pleased and grateful for his accomplishment - I never could have pulled it off on my own! Thank you Ben!