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Jose Antonio Herraez Melo - Co-Founder & CEO at Your Student Network

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Ben is a great professional in the web design business. I have had the pleasure to work with him on 2 web projects. His work is always at high standards, punctuality is not an issue if you work with him. Most importantly, he knows what he is doing and talking about. If I had to rate Ben as a person and as a professional, without a doubt I would say 10/10. Congratulations Ben for your professionalism and excellence in your work, I recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for any web related services.

Debugging Three.js

| Three.js

If you’re in the stages of creating a webGL game or app using three.js you may find it useful to visualize what your code is doing. That’s where the need for a debugger/inspector comes into play. Here are a few ways to do it.

Unity3D vs. Three.js

| Three.js

Why is this important knowledge? You may be looking into both options as whether you're planning to build online games, a plugin for your website, etc. Unity3D and three.js are certainly both great options that can accomplish similar things but definitely very different. I've fortunately been able to dip into both a bit. Hopefully you'll find this useful...