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Becoming a WordPress Plugin Developer Q & A

| Wordpress

Want some advice on becoming a WordPress plugin developer? Here are a few things to consider from both a technical and business approach. These answers are provided by Slavi Marinov, dedicated WordPress plugin developer - whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet with recently and has kindly taken the time to answer some big questions I’ve had.

Display Related Posts in WordPress Without a Plugin

| Wordpress

Adding links within articles to related posts is a great way to polish the SEO on your WordPress site, but at times It can be redundant, time consuming and hard to remember what articles are related. So why now automate it!? Here is a great way to do so by displaying a non obtrusive list of related posts. Simply paste this below the content area of your article in single.php or whatever template file your single posts are reading from.

Trackball Controls in three.js

| Three.js

This tutorial explains how to rotate the camera with the mouse in three.js. This can be accomplished using the built-in TrackballControls.js. Test it out on the below. Rotating the object around by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. Zoom with the middle and pan from side to side with the right mouse button. Download the source code for this tutorial.

Clearing Thumbnail Lists in CSS


Clearing floated lists are a common need when working with thumbnails whether for a gallery or blog layout. Here’s a solution that actually works and is inspired by this. Below is the example

Basic SEO in Wordpress

| Wordpress

Here’s how to get you started doing some basic search engine optimization in WordPress. A proper setup is important to be able to be recognized by Google and seen in a relevant search. Install Wordpress SEO by Yoast Great well rounded plugin for SEO in WordPress. Search it in your WordPress plugin depository or find it here.