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WordPress SEO by Yoast XML sitemap Error

| Wordpress

Sometimes the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin fails to generate an XML sitemap. I’ve come across this a few times when applying it to different sites. It happens when going to SEO > XML Sitemaps > “XML Sitemap” simply brings up a 404 page. Here is a quick fix that’s worked for me every time (so far). It’s originally from this thread

How to Add Responsive Featured Video for Wordpress Posts Without a Plugin

| Wordpress

This article will show you how to add an optional featured video to replace your WordPress post featured image. Hope to help those looking for a way to freely create responsive video blogs in a plugin or theme without worrying about installing unfamiliar plugins. It’s also intended for people that know their way around the basics of creating WordPress plugins and how themes work.

Smooth Mouse Rotation in Three.js

| Three.js

Achieving a momentum effect during mouse drag has always been a nice feature that I've see many times in different examples of 3D for the web. After experimenting with three.js and seeing it's potential I thought this is a must have feature. The problem I found though is that from the examples that use it, it was difficult to find proper source code that worked just how I wanted it.

Best Easy Settings For W3 Total Cache

| Wordpress

Here are some optimal settings for most WordPress websites using the W3 Total Cache plugin. The amount of settings available can be daunting, but it really shouldn’t take that long to set up in most cases since we’ll only need to focus on some of them. The below takes about 5 minutes.