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Making Tubes in Blender

| 3D

Here is how to make Tubes in blender or in other words, extruding, beveling or creating compound objects. The idea is to create a path and turn it into a tube of geometry. It’s better than trying to achieve it through box modelling especially if you plan on making things like wires, floppy arms, cartoon hair or anything that needs a to be a long, curved tube.

1. Add a Curve

Open Blender and delete the default cube. Make sure “Object Mode” is selected. We’ll need it that way to create our curve.

Modeling a Star Wars Kylo in 3DS Max

| 3D

This video explains the basic workflow of Modeling a Star Wars Kylo Lightsaber in 3DS Max. The concepts can really be applied to any tubular sci-fi weapon or gun. Here are the short-form points from the video ...

Exporting from 3DS Max to Mudbox

| 3D

This video shows you how to export your 3d model from 3DS Max to Mudbox. I've found that there are a number of errors that can happen from wonky geometry to not even being able to preview your model in Mudbox. With a few simple steps, you can minimize chances of error on export from 3DS Max.