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Pablo Yanez - Idiom America

This is exactly what I envisioned for my the website, the structure is perfect.

Marlene Tersigni - St. Catharines Right to Life

In my capacity as executive director for the St. Catharines Right to Life Association, I have the pleasure of working with volunteers who offer their time and a wide variety of talents to our charitable group. Ben Chung has truly been a gift to our organization since he became a volunteer in May 2005. Ben has generously used his exceptional artistic skills to assist us with various projects. In his capacity serving on one of our promotion committees, he has designed materials, such as our St. Catharines Right to Life brochure, to help us in our mission to promote respect for life through education. He has also created posters and other resources to assist us in advertising fundraising events. Ben has always offered his very best on our behalf, producing professional resources and giving expert design advice. Ben is friendly, reliable, highly-skilled and a delight to work with. I can confidently recommend Ben Chung to provide the best service possible in his field. Sincerely,

Marlene Tersigni - Executive Director, St. Catharines Right to Life

Tom Burant - CEO OMG IncOttawa Messenger Group

The website’s coming along awesomely! Ben’s been keeping me updated and the previews he’s given me have exceeded my expectations, so I’m a very happy camper there :) ..

Too many businesses neglect sharing info on work progress with their clients. In our business it’s critical that we keep our clients informed of our progress and or any expected delays, so consequently we feel we should always be apprised the same as well. You have been absolutely on top of doing that, and that’s a very commendable business philosophy.

We contacted Ben about creating a modern web presence for us. In a very short period of time, we have our new website up and running. We are very happy with the service and the final product. We wanted a website we could maintain ourselves, but still present to the public in a professional manner. Ben delivered on both counts!

Rebecca King - Kings Massage Therapy

Looking through quickly I lOVE it. Looks awesome. And so fancy and professional!! hahaha I’m so glad I had you do it instead of doing one of those free template sites. Amazing… BOO. YAH. Thanks, Ben! (Now everyone go like him at Ben Chung because he is AWESOME). is LIVE!! And BEAUTIFUL!

John Mundi - Go Hot Tubs

Mr. Chung is a highly motivated, and precise and professional. A pleasure working with and a wealth of knowledge. He has build a site that is clear and easily managable.

Ling Wang - Settlement Counsellor

Ben is a talented and hard working individual. He is always seeing things from a practical point of view, finding ways to make things better and is committed to seeing his projects out to the end. It is always a satisfying experience working with Ben.

Lily Whitfield

I appreciated Ben’s knowledge and patient attention to detail, both when I was expressing my desires, and when he followed through with prompt service on such short notice. He took time to explain and clarify when I needed it. Most of all I enjoy a site that exceeds my expectations. I’m pleased and grateful for his accomplishment - I never could have pulled it off on my own! Thank you Ben!

Jose Antonio Herraez Melo - Co-Founder & CEO at Your Student Network

Ben is a great professional in the web design business. I have had the pleasure to work with him on 2 web projects. His work is always at high standards, punctuality is not an issue if you work with him. Most importantly, he knows what he is doing and talking about. If I had to rate Ben as a person and as a professional, without a doubt I would say 10/10. Congratulations Ben for your professionalism and excellence in your work, I recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for any web related services.

Jane Darling - In Your Face Content

Ben is a real professional. He is reliable and trustworthy

Russ Moore - The Principled Trader

Ben, Once again, you come through with flying colors! Thanks so much!

Rita - Summerview German Shepherds


You were right!….had to delete history and there were the new pics of the pups. I’m not very computer smart, just enough to get by, thank you also for being patient and explaining things to me. The pics look a lot better smaller, thanks for the changes and being so quick to get them added.

I can honestly say, that after all that I have been through with other companies, to me, you are unbelievable!

Just wanted to let you know that you have been great and I am glad I found you, again thank-you

Josee Healey - Social Media Matters

That worked thanks so much, you did an amazing job, much appreciated, send me your invoice and I’ll pay it right away Ben!

Mark Phillips - The Principled Trader

Perfection, Ben! Everything works exactly as it should – Thanks!!

Carolann Donnelly - ESPG Accountants

We hired Ben to make our new web site it will be ready soon I have been working closely with him on it. What an awesome job he does and he is such a great guy, he is so respectful and kind.