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Exporting from 3DS Max to Mudbox

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[embed width=”100%”][/embed] This video shows you how to export your 3d model from 3DS Max to Mudbox. I’ve found that there are a number of errors that can happen from wonky geometry to not even being able to preview your model in Mudbox. With a few simple steps, you can minimize chances of error on export from 3DS Max.

Exporting to Mudbox from 3DS Max - Cheat Sheet:

  1. Test using turbosmooth and fix topology
  2. Set all material ids to 1
  3. EnsureUV map is in 0 to 1 space
  4. Apply the standard material
  5. Reset Xform
  6. Select all, break/weld verts
  7. Set all smoothing groups to 1
  8. Remove isolated vertices, remove unused map verts (modify panel)
  9. Apply an edit poly modifier
  10. Attach it to a box, then delete the box
  11. Export as OBJ then re-import
  12. In Mudbox, resolve errors
  13. In Mudbox, subdivide to highest level first then step it down


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